The newest craze in outdoor games
that will leave everyone wanting to get slung!


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We want to hear from anyone who has experienced the rush of being slung.
Here are a few testimonials from people all over the place!

This is one of those games that immediately catches your eye when you see people doing it and you cannot wait for your turn to try it out. It is just as entertaining to watch people fly around inside the slingshot as it is being the one getting slung and trying to stay on your feet. My teammates and I love slingshotting at the soccer field and it is a great way to workout with nonstop laughter!

Lindsay Stein
Athens, GA

The Human Slingshot is awesome! This is the best big-kid game! If you like to laugh, be active and have fun with friends and family, you have to get The Human Slingshot! Go Get Slung!

Cynthia Stark
Boston, MA

The Human Slingshot never fails to provide a good time... especially on the beach

Kemper Powell
Austin, TX

The slingshot is always a ridiculously fun time. We played on the beaches of Mexico and there was nothing softer to slingshot yourself into than sand!

Claire Sheridan
Vancouver. BC

When I think back to the first time I was in the Human Slingshot, there are hardly any words that can describe the experience. It was definitely the biggest adrenaline rush and the most fun I have ever had in twenty short seconds.

Jordan Quinn
Littleton, CO

The Human Slingshot is a great time for everyone! It is immediate entertainment and laughs, regardless of whether you're in it or watching people go. It provides hours of amusement and fun for all! I have never laughed that hard for so long!

Jim & Carrie Quinn
Littleton, CO

I love the Human Slingshot!

Jens Kramer
Dortmund, Germany

I am a real Pro!

Miko Halinen
Tampere, Finland

Non-stop laughter!!

Sean Zyer
Parker, CO

The Human Slingshot is non-stop entertainment! If you want a party game that no one else has, get this for sure. It is not just fun to do, but it is hilarious to watch. It's the perfect blend of safe fun and risky adrenaline in your own backyard. If you're looking for a unique gift for anyone ages 12-65, you just found it. Just remember, always stay to the right!

Drew Hill
Denver, CO